Software Como Servicio
EP38: - SaaS that helps you automate the content creation process & publish everywhere.
October 9, 2020
Don't miss the Software Como Servicio Podcasts receive email notifications: In this episode we talk with Hani Mourra, creator of a software tool that saves you a lot of time creating the promotional content for your social media accounts and publishing the content automatically. This is huge because you spend at least 1 hour repurposing content manually after you have already done a lot of work scheduling your guest for your podcast, recording an interview and editing the podcast. If you create a video and audio podcast that's a lot of work already and on top of that you need to create 20 pieces of content to promote your podcast. Hani solved the problem in an elegant way and he shares his story about how he created the business. He has more than 30,000 users interested in his platform and has never changed the design of his home page or even has a logo. That proves that to be successful you don't need everything to be perfect in your business. Enjoy the interview as much as I enjoyed making it for you.